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Founded by experienced and dynamic people we continue to demonstrate the very highest levels of quality and customer service in the UK Corrugated market. That's why we serve even the largest packaging plants in the UK & Europe.

Policart are the market leading Red Anvil Covers with zero metal parts and boltless locking section, Designed for longevity and performance...

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Manufactured to provide a reliable creasing surface that can consistently perform at commercial speeds..

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We are pleased to offer a full training package to help improve machine performance and waste ejection..

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Specially designed spokes result in less contact with the corrugated medium, thus proven to reduce flute deformation...

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Machine Knives

More efficient than traditional steel knives, our specially designed knives reduce downtime and increase slotting quality.


Our high quality slotting knives are engineered to perform on a multitude of paper qualities to ensure a clean square slot is produced without any tagging waste.


In an industry which welcomes innovation, Forme Tec are delivering premium knives manufactured to exceed OEM specifications, resulting in longer life and a sharper cut for much longer, increasing slot quality on standard slotted cases.


we can now offer a full solution of your slotting machine, please feel free to get in touch for more details

Forme the future!


Supercell is our new high performance ejection material for customers wanting to add performance to their rotary or flat bed die cut tooling.


Available in a variety of heights and a multitute of shore hardnesses, we can now offer every solution to ensure trim free production at enhanced commerical speeds.


Engineered to provide enhanced rebound with zero compression set it is now possible to control trim waste ejection at higher run speeds,. Supercell is manufacured with a Polyurethane skin which will also promote excellent abrasional resistance resulting in less damage to the tooling.


Please visit our page for more information.

Machine Servicing

Working in combination with the industries leading technicians we are able to offer packages to increase OEE figures and increase product quality across the board!


Problems with gap control? Feeding? Folding? Mechanical issues?


Then we have the perfect solution, covering most types of rotary die cutting machines Forme Tec can now offer a complete maintenance and overhaul package guaranteed to improve machine speeds and increase product quality.


Implementing our master reset plan, a full mechanical survey will be conducted with all areas of concern highlighted. Further options are then available for our team of dedicated technicians to rectify any issues.


Please contact us for further information



Forme Tec Research and Development


In order to lead the market and innovate, in-house R&D is essential. At Forme Tec we undertake exhaustive materials testing and always look to improve and simplify the user experience in terms of ease of fitting and speed of turnaround.


As engineers we understand the time critical, manpower efficient elements of maximising safe & profitable production with minor down-time.


We have in-house capacity on our 6 station Pacer CNC machine to prototype or manufacture batches of some components in a range of common materials including polymers and aluminium. Please ask if you are searching for a particular part or have an

idea you would like to develop further.


Below are a selection of videos taken across various machines showcasing our various services and products



Anvil Cover rotation in 55 seconds! This is one of many daily rotation styles guaranteed to increase anvil longevity


Anvil Cover installation on a Bobst miniline 618, This was achieved in 1 minute 56 seconds.

Anvil Cover installation on a Gopfert Evolution HBL using double width covers.This was performed in 4 minutes.

Anvil Cover rotation in 2 minutes on a Bobst 618 Mini line machine.

Anvil Cover removal on a Gopfert Evolution HBL. This was performed in 1 minute.

Anvil Cover removal on a Bobst 618, this video demonstrates the ease of removal with the Policart cover, done in 30 seconds!

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